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What does "SUP" even mean?

SUP is a widely used term in the paddle boarding community that stands for “Stand Up Paddle” or “Stand Up and Paddle”.

How much do your paddleboards weigh?

9’0″ Guru: 21 Pounds
9’6″ Saltwater Beaver: 21 Pounds
10’6″ Classico: 25 Pounds
11’6″ Throwback: 28 Pounds
12’6″ Americana: 31 Pounds
11’0″ POP-Up Inflatable: 15 Pounds

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What do I get when I buy a POP Paddleboard?

The best of the best, a premium constructed paddle board and everything you need to stand up and paddle. Every POP Paddleboard comes with the board itself and a set of Futures Fins. The board includes a one-way valve Gore-Tex vent plug, recessed carry handle, and diamond traction pad.

What’s the difference between a 1-fin, 3-fin, and 5-fin system?

One fin systems are highly maneuverable but lack thrust in the surf. A 3-fin system, also known as a thruster, increases the stability and performs much better in the surf. A 4 or 5-fin system, known as a quad, are specifically installed on our paddle surf models as they greatly improve performance and speed when standup paddle surfing.

How do I size my paddle?

Cut your paddle so that when it is held straight it is 6-8 inches above your head or that the paddle handle is at wrist height while your arm is fully extended above your head.

How are your boards made?

With a whole lot of love and proprietary Nature-Tech construction. Check out our board construction page for more detailed information.

Do you guys sell inflatable boards?

Heck yes we do! We call it the POP-UP and it’s one of the best inflatable paddle boards in the market. Take a look for yourself.